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Multiple Sclerosis Sativex reduced spasticity in MS patients
Sativex reduced spasticity in MS patients

Peter Flachenecker, MD, Head of the Quellenhof Neurological Rehabilitation Center, et al., stated the following in their June 2014 study titled "Long-Term Effectiveness and Safety of Nabiximols (Tetrahydrocannabinol/Cannabidiol Oromucosal Spray) in Clinical Practice," published in European Neurology:

Quote:"Background: Nabiximols (Sativex), in a cannabinoid-based oromucosal spray, is an add-on therapy option for patients with moderate to severe multiple sclerosis spasticity (MSS) resistant to other medications. The study objective was to provide long-term data on clinical outcomes, tolerability, quality of life and treatment satisfaction for MSS patients receiving nabiximols in routine care.

Results: In total, 52 patients were included in the effectiveness analysis after 12 months. The mean spasticity numerical rating scale (NRS, 0-10) score decreased significantly... The majority of patients (84%) did not report adverse events.

Conclusion: Real-life data confirm the long-term effectiveness and tolerability of nabiximols for the treatment of resistant MSS in everyday clinical practice."
June 2014 - Peter Flachenecker, MD

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