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Welcome to!
Welcome to! Thank you for visiting our new website for Cannabis Enthusiasts!

If you have already registered, thank you! Our New Member Intro center is a place for community members to introduce themselves and tell us whatever you want about you and your love for cannabis!

Everyone is welcome and nothing but love to each and all!

About is a community-based cannabis information exchange for marijuana enthusiasts, activists, patients, backyard gardeners, master growers, and anyone else with an interest in compassion, basic rights, and FREEDOM!

Due to the Federal Prohibition on Cannabis combined with the fast changing but inconsistent state laws, information and research on marijuana has been stifled. And while there are still an abundance of data, research, and anecdotal evidence on not only the medical benefits of marijuana, but also on the cannabis plant's relative benign nature.

Doctors and even our President has come out and stated that marijuana, at worst, is no more dangerous than alcohol, with many agreeing that marijuana is the safer choice.


Our mission in launching is to create a crowdsourced centralized cannabis information resource to share, inform, and educate about marijuana. 
Everyone is welcome in the world of weed!

Join Us and Share Your Knowledge!

It's super quick to register and join our community of cannabis fans! Your thoughts and knowledge is invaluable to others in the marijuana community so please share and contribute!

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Thanks for visiting!
Hi I'm Smokey McBongwater and I'm a Cannabis tokin Christian and God bless you all as you take a rip from the bong.

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