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Can The Marijuana Legalization Movement Survive A Loss By ResponsibleOhio?
Source: Can The Marijuana Legalization Movement Survive A Loss By ResponsibleOhio?

How Will The Legalization Movement Be Affected If ResponsibleOhio Loses or Is Blocked?

First, it’s important to point out that the provision for only allowing the ResponsibleOhio investment groups to own and operate commercial marijuana grow farms is questionable, at best, in its benefit to the consumer, and the optics in the public’s eye have been even worse in the way that it’s brought up talk of “monopolies” and “cartels”.

It’s also important to note that the $2 million put up by each of the 10 investment groups, totaling $20 million, is a lot of money on a very risky venture. To suggest that they should have done this without any expectation of return on their money is unrealistic and unreasonable. Whether they should be allowed, by law, protection from competitors is another question and one that has been the wrench in what could have been a fairly smooth road to legalization.

This point has led marijuana advocates, who are all for legalization, to splinter in their support or opposition to ResponsibleOhio’s initiative, and this has allowed opponents to shift the discussion from legalizing weed to prohibiting “marijuana monopolies”.


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